Project Based Services System Integration Project Process Implementation
Comprehensive project management services

Transformation of strategies into tactile plans

Project resource management:
  • Time / Scope
  • Human Resources
  • Financial Resources
  • Infrastructural Resources
Project procurement management

Planning (activities that take place at multiple levels, with different goals - the program plan is not necessarily a traditional plan)

Project quality management

Project communications management

Systems architecture and design

Version control environment management

Specialist programme management services

System implementation (pilot phases/field trials)

Gap analysis

Management of Vendor JAD Sessions

Documentation of business requirements and functional specifications

Establishment and maintenance of System Anomaly Tracking

Project definition and reference framework

Project governance (defining roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders)

Development of project strategies

Feasibility studies and due diligence exercises

DCF (NPV & IRR) financial modelling for projects

Cost/Benefit & ROI analysis

Project requirements/needs analysis

Project planning, scope management, resource planning, project estimating & project accounts

Project risk management

Monitoring and reviewing on an ongoing basis